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We are excited to offer four weeks of specialized electives this fall, beginning Wednesday, October 5th. The electives will take place during our regularly scheduled Wednesday service at 6:30 pm. We hope you will plan now to join us!


Spiritual Warfare | Worship Center

Every Christian is engaged in an unseen, but very real, spiritual battle. In this elective, we will expose the origin, tactics, and intentions of the enemy. This study will dramatically change your understanding of temptation, sin, and the nature of spiritual warfare.

Spiritual Rest | Room 6

Could you be described as exhausted, depressed, anxious, stressed, or joyless?  Perhaps you are busy doing many good things, but your pace of life is unsustainable—lacking regular rest and readjustment. In this elective, we will study the gracious ways God has provided for us to reset our lives and live in balance with joy and purpose.

Spiritual Discipleship | Room 7

Building strong Christian character requires intentional effort. In this elective, we will explore the principles foundational to living a godly life of integrity and discipline. This elective is geared especially for the spiritual growth of young adults.

Fulfilling God’s Purpose in Motherhood | Library

Motherhood is a great joy and a great responsibility. Thankfully, God has not left us to do it alone; we have both His presence and the instruction of His Word. In this elective, we will apply Scriptural principles to the important task of parenting. Topics will include methods of training, protecting the hearts and minds of our children, and parenting peer pressure.

Financial Peace | Library Conference Room

God speaks often in His Word about money and our stewardship of it. In this elective, we will use the Financial Peace University curriculum which includes simple, straightforward lessons, a guided step-by-step plan, and a variety of resources necessary to biblical financial planning. *The cost for FPU is $50.

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