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We are excited to offer four weeks of specialized electives, beginning Wednesday, October 4th. The electives will take place during our regularly scheduled Wednesday service at 6:30 pm. We hope you will plan now to join us!


OUTreach:  Home & Abroad - Main Auditorium

Jesus left the early Christians with a clear directive to be witnesses both in their community (Jerusalem) and throughout the world (unto the uttermost).  That command and promise remains the responsibility and privilege of the church today.  In this elective, we will learn how to share the simple plan of salvation with those near us and learn how to be a part of spreading the Gospel around the world.  (Two guest missionaries will be a part of this elective.)

The Tabernacle - Room 6

In the Old Testament, God resided amongst His people in the tabernacle.  He gave careful and detailed instructions for its design and function because it was a holy place. In this study of the tabernacle, we will examine the purpose, structure, and contents of the tabernacle and how the tabernacle pictured Christ and His work of our salvation.

The Holy-Spirit Filled Life - Room 12

The presence and power of the Holy Spirit is one of God’s greatest gifts to us.  Galatians tells us to live and walk in the Spirit; He is to be part of every step, every decision, every day.  This elective will explore the practical implications of the Holy Spirit’s presence and work in our daily lives.

Grief Share* - Library Conference Room

Navigate your grief and loss through this thirteen-week video series. Each session features respected experts on grief-related topics and helpful stories from people who have experienced loss.  Their insights will help you manage your emotions, gain clarity, and find answers to your questions as you walk through the grief process. (This elective will continue through the end of the year.)

*Registration is required at an additional cost.

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